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Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Red Rock18
Red Rock Canyon
Lululemon is one of those brands that exists as a vague, faintly negative feeling somewhere in my abstract subconscious. I could never articulate what made that brand feel weird to me, possibly some of Chip Wilson's comments, possibly the fact that it's so expensive which in turn made yoga an elite activity. Here is a clear, well articulated article that made all of those vague concepts come together.

I have a mural in my bedroom too. It's made of some decals I bought off Etsy. I was pretty proud of myself at the time, and then I saw this.

2015, the year when I successfully brainwash myself into loving to cook, when the the saying "I Heart cooking" will replace my previous mantra "Cooking sucks."

Do you know someone who loves to draw? Then get them this. When it's back in stock. 

I've been reading Brain Pickings on and off for years, and she always has consistently good content. Deep content. Consistent deep content. It blows my mind. 

Because it's delicious.

The tendency some of the time is to perceive writing as work or torture, but it can also be a transformative tool, changing the way you perceive the world and your place in it, and then potentially allowing you to chart the course of your life through a pen.*

*Or keypad, if you want to be a realist.
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