Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Ideal v. The Real

Before I died, I thought I might want to add one more post to this blog, hence I will introduce  my "Ideal Self."  Sometimes, an Ideal Self can make you feel bad about the person you actually are, because your Ideal is...well...perfect, and you, in contrast, are not.  For example, my Ideal Self would have daily posts that she did not agonize over, they would inspire people to better their lives whilst also being self-deprecating, and yet she would still be attractive and photogenic (Note the lack of a photo.  That is not a mistake).  

I prefer to be amused by my concept of an Ideal Self, a person entirely of my own invention, and the complete contrast between her savoir faire, and my rather blah existence.  

My Ideal Self rides a classic Dutch style bicycle around town, helping to preserve the environment along with her lean physique and toned triceps.  If you have ever ogled most cyclists' triceps, you have a fairly good idea what I mean.  For reference purposes, I have included what I visualize as her beautiful bicycle.  For gratuitous purposes, I have also attached a picture of my own bicycle, where it has sat for over a year, locked to the banister by the side of the stairs because that thing weighs too damn much for me to bother hauling up and down every single day.   It costs me $40 at target many years ago, and you get what you pay for.  Most days I take the bus, and when I'm feeling particularly cheap, I walk.  

At some point in my life, I will allow someone to steal my bicycle, and then go on Craigslist and hopefully purchase a bike that actually belongs to the owner.   

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