Thursday, February 7, 2013


How do you deal with problems?  Emotions...logic...or just that "gut feeling" that people seem to like to talk about ("I what I feel is right, bro.").

Here is a situation that is...50% true and 50% made up:  You are minding your own business.  You are, in fact, sleeping.  You get woken up...because your friend next to you is being yelled at.  This is not your problem.  Sleeping...that is your problem.  However, you get scapegoated.  You somehow get pulled into the vortex of the pissing contest taking place next to you and which still has nothing to do with you.  Ever been yelled at because someone is mad at the person next to you?  It's weird, but it doesn't feel good.

Emotion?  You start yelling.

Logic? You think: WTF? This crazy.  You step away.  (This takes a lot of control and is emotionally unsatisfying, by the way.)

Gut? You do what feels right.  Don't quite know what that is.  Fall back on logic and save this for some other occasion.

There is no right answer.

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