Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Happy July 4th! Now for that small shred of alone time you find when you sneak into the closet with your iPhone, here are some interesting articles I found, and why I found them interesting:

  • Why Writing for a Living is a Terrible Idea:  It's facetious, but it caught my eye because I've always wanted 2 jobs.  I've always wanted to do something that makes money and comes with a 401K, and to write for the joy of it.  Not as the main source of income, but on the side.  If I had to think about writing (or blogging) to pay the bills, it would stress me out.
  • Check out any of the articles in The Writer's Room.  Interesting - if you're into this particular topic - and I think it's pretty obvious what they're all about.
  • The Spark File: On why to keep a notebook with you - at all times - and use it to keep note of all the random things that come your way when your mind is most relaxed.  I have personally set my shopping cart down in the middle of Trader Joe's to write illegible notes to myself.  It's useful.  It works. It's great. 
  • A Writer's Plight: Procrastination is a huge bitch.  It's horrible, it's no good, and you are not alone in it.  If you want the company, that is.  Ideally, this will motivate you to get off your ass. 

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