Wednesday, July 17, 2013


It's hump day.  I've mentally been congratulating myself on getting past 100 posts - pictures count, you know.  So I should be feeling fairly accomplished if nothing else, but instead there a slight nagging sensation.  A little pull of dissatisfaction.  It's not altogether unfamiliar.  Because there is always something more out there that needs to be done.  It could be something big, or a series of small responsibilities or dissatisfactions that, added together, create a larger burden.  And these things are always there, listed inside your head, ticking away the seconds like a bomb. 

I'm posting this now as much for myself as for anyone else, as a reminder to acknowledge that nagging sensation, and to put it aside.  To calm down.  It's the middle of the week, there's still some time left to do what you need to do, and you've already checked a few things off the list. It's an ideal moment to take a little time to breathe.  I will repeat this every once in awhile - the need to cultivate calm - because I think I need the reminder every now and again.  Repetition leads to building habits, and I believe that this is a good habit to have. 

I took that pic above because it evokes a sense of calm.  Many pictures unintentionally (or intentionally) create dissatisfaction by creating wants - the desire to get away, the desire to buy things, the desire to lose weight, should I have kids (?), etc.  All of this leads away from appreciating what you have.  

There is nothing I want in that picture.  It's cozy.  It's neat.  It simply exists in a way that reminds me that there is another way to be.   

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