Wednesday, November 13, 2013



There's nothing new under the sun here. I'm not here to blow minds or take names. What I am here to do is to remind you of thoughts that you probably already know, but may tend to forget.

Certain feelings, I have found, are detrimental to the soul. There are certain mental habits that come almost automatically, without conscious thought or action. I consider these fallback emotions; they take over when you are weak or tired or simply reacting. Breaking these habits takes constant vigilance and practice, and possibly random reminders like this one.

One of my personal favorite habits is thinking "Oh, I should have done that." That being whatever was the opposite of the choice I just made. I've never consciously said that, even in my head. The "should have" feeling is just that - a strong negative emotional...intonement. Let's go with that. 

The "should have" feeling is pretty much a guaranteed path to unhappiness. Most decisions are not about life or death. They're just decisions, but when you add the "should have" or "could have" into the mix, decision making becomes a miserable no win situation.  Nothing good comes of thinking in "should have's." It is a bad mental habit. If you have this habit, throw it away. 
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