Friday, May 2, 2014


Seaside, Italy
The picture above has nothing to do with anything.

That said, on the right hand side, if you scroll down a bit, I've listed some blogs that you may find useful. They range on a variety of topics, not just writing, because there's already a whole bunch of writing blogs out there, and there's more to life. There's that whole other part that you may have been neglecting. To summarize, here's some sites I've found, along with a brief description:

The blog that every other blog wants to be. Funny and warm, this blog always hits on topics that everyone wants to read. 

Many useful articles on how to achieve wellness and wellbeing. 

A great resource for clean and natural beauty and skincare products. And some great discussions.

I don't know how, but somehow the author culls and distills information guaranteed to stimulate your brain. Don't know how she does it. It's a miracle.

A great resource for photographers, and wannabe photographers, such as myself. I need to start using manual mode on the SLR camera I don't have. Yet. 

Firsthand knowledge of the situation in Egypt. She doesn't update often, but the content is worth it.

This is where you can find a large community of independent authors, and their respective books. You should be able to find many independent books all in one place, along with listings, descriptions, and even blogs of the corresponding authors. I sometimes hang out there as well, but I like being able to include completely unrelated pics with my posts. Personal preference.  

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