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Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Mark Shepherd
Mark Shepherd avoids a fan
I lack the purity of conviction, the stamina, and frankly the funds to be a true Supernatural fan, but I did manage to attend one day out of a three day convention and had a fun time. All the actors on that show are pretty great - without scripts. I like the pic I have of Mark Shepherd here, ahem "Crowley," who I captured casually sauntering down the aisle while a fan rushes towards him. Unlike his character, he really didn't bother shaving or dressing in a suit for the occasion.

I was not expecting actors without scripts to be as good off the cuff, but the cast is more than just a lot of pretty faces - they are also really perverted live. In a good way. It lasted so long I had to take a nap on the floor. No stamina, as I mentioned. If there were two things that I dearly wish the venue had provided, it would be 1) better food and 2) body pillows of cast members for sale. I can no longer justify having posters of men on my wall, or God forbid, an entire monthly calendar, but no one needs to know about my personal collection of body pillows. 
Castiel costume contest
SPN Convention
Clockwise: Crowley greets a small Castiel; the fake cast; Sebastian Roche and Mark Pellegrino talk
Everything I failed to buy. After graduating from college, I can no longer justify having posters of cute men on my wall.
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