Thursday, May 30, 2013


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I've been penning this post in my head since early this morning, because I never know quite what to do about bad experiences, except to find a way to let them out. 

Here is what happened: I was taking the highway to work and changing lanes to get to my exit ramp. You know the drill: 1) check for oncoming cars and 2) change lanes.  So I repeated this process across two lanes - I might have crossed in front of a large truck, going about 60mph, which I think is a good speed when moving into the slower right hand lanes, when this large shiny Dodge Ram starts tailgating behind me. He seemed to appear out of nowhere.  What I think happened is this: he must have been going really fast (70-80mph) in the far right hand lane, and when I entered into the lane going 60, he must have had to put on the brakes. But I'm guessing here.

Now this is where it gets good: when the exit lane splits off into two lanes, this guy in his huge truck drives parallel to me (stopping everyone else in his lane from moving forward) so that he can stick his head out his window, call me a bitch (or other names) over and over again, and gesture wildly until he can't hold traffic up anymore. 

What is wrong with people? I'm pretty sure I didn't do anything wrong, and even so, there really is never any justification to launch into an ecstasy of profane road rage and going crazy ape-shit on a complete stranger.  What is it about being in your car that makes this behavior okay? Why do some people get worked into mouth-foaming fury over something like this? I'm sure if he was able to see himself behaving like...himself, and he was sane, he would feel deeply ashamed.

It doesn't end there. So this asshole made it a point to cut in front of me once we got off the freeway exit, but the thing is, once you're off the freeway, your freedom of movement in your large vehicle is considerably limited, and you can't leave people in the dust the way you could before, and if you cut in front of me, I will basically drive behind you for a long time afterward. This is pretty much what happened. I basically followed the psychopath all the way to his place of work, not on purpose of course, but because that just happened to be the same route I take to my place of work. This was some really great long term planning on his part. Now I know where this ass works, and the make and model of his car, and I will just take this information and sit on it, because honestly, I'm not crazy.  

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