Friday, June 21, 2013


Untitled #135

Remember basics and keeping to a clean color palette? I came across Kristin-gp's outfits on Polyvore recently, and she just puts pieces together beautifully, and then she remixes pieces into different outfits. I thought I would share her outfits as a reminder of how well basics can work and how simple styling yourself can be. I sometimes forget that I don't need all that much to look put together, and this is a nice reminder. I also didn't link to the actual clothing items because 1) most people probably have a version of each item, and 2) let's just say I would have to whore myself out to afford them, and that's not quite in line with my priorities. 

Untitled #285

I added some more outfits after the jump, just to look at, for those times when I find myself staring at my closet wondering where in the hell everything went so wrong.

Untitled #300

Untitled #243

Untitled #164

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