Wednesday, June 19, 2013


The Tampa Bay Times and the Center for Investigative Reporting put together a list of 50 charities who are not spending the funds they solicit on the people they are supposed to help. In addition, some of these charities are probably named so that people will confuse them with well known charities.  For example, #1 Offender "Kids Wish Network" may easily be confused with the legitimate "Make a Wish Foundation."  These types of "businesses" can only function because people don't know about them, so below are the top 10 out of 50.  For a list of all 50, go here. 

RankCharity nameTotal raised by solicitorsPaid to solicitors% spent on direct cash aid
1Kids Wish Network$127.8 million$109.8 million2.5%
2Cancer Fund of America$98.0 million$80.4 million0.9%
3Children's Wish Foundation International$96.8 million$63.6 million10.8%
4American Breast Cancer Foundation$80.8 million$59.8 million5.3%
5Firefighters Charitable Foundation$63.8 million$54.7 million8.4%
6Breast Cancer Relief Foundation$63.9 million$44.8 million2.2%
7International Union of Police Associations, AFL-CIO$57.2 million$41.4 million0.5%
8National Veterans Service Fund$70.2 million$36.9 million7.8%
9American Association of State Troopers$45.0 million$36.0 million8.6%
10Children's Cancer Fund of America$37.5 million$29.2 million5.3%

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