Monday, June 17, 2013


So I came across the following discussion in the comments section of a Refinery 29 article announcing that Karlie Kloss was going to be a Victoria's Secret angel.  Fake names have been changed to other fake names in order protect the original fake identities. I will add that reading these comments  reinforces my belief that I should stick to my previous plan of avoiding them.

  • Bro1Meh. I don't care for Karlie too much as a VS model. She's a little too bony. And she doesn't really exude sex appeal.
  • Bro2I'm with you. Definitely not a fan. I don't understand the appeal. She has the sex appeal of a cactus and I'm sorry that I'll have to see more of her.
  • FeminineMystiqueSo maybe if you shame her body on the internet VS people will listen to you and change their minds
  • Bro1: Well, aren't you touchy. I didn't even come close to "shaming" her body. VS models are known to have a slightly more athletic build than traditional models. Karlie's build is more runway than VS. She's not right for the role, that's all I'm saying. Way to overreact. 

So...negativity, huh? The comments section is this weird place where people who would otherwise never meet or talk to each up and argue.  I just picked this one out because the original speaker became really defensive, and that's kind of amusing.      

Karlie is an interesting choice for an angel - she looks noticeably different, as the bros have pointed out.  A lot of the angels fit a certain mold: pillow lips, bedroom eyes, long mussed hair.  It all adds up to sexy seduction - of a certain type. It seems like VS is trying to break out of their own definition of "sexy," and as a female*, that's an interesting direction to go towards.  

Karlie projects a kind of knowing intelligence. You can see it in a lot of her photographs, along with her personality. It's what makes her so recognizable. I, for one, hope VS continues to move in new directions.   

* Because what do men really do with the VS catalogue, eh? 

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