Monday, August 12, 2013


As part of a series where I just start doing random things, I'm going to start posting lines of text that have been kicking around in my head lately with no story to hold them.  I may use it later, but it may never find a home.

You may even be able to visualize what inspired this quote.  Now, here are your various options:
  • Level 1: You limit yourself to just making the jpeg.  Done.  Put away.
  • Level 2: You make jpeg.  You post on Tumblr.  You share, unobtrusively and with restraint.    
  • Level 3: You are now looking at a new and cheap way to give "personal" e-cards to friends and relatives in lieu of actual birthday cards, Christmas cards, and/or gifts.  There is no greater gift than the joy and reflected brilliance of your creativity!  Proceed with caution. 

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