Thursday, August 1, 2013


Shine Design
Welcome mats are the ugliest things.  Yet they serve a necessary function (capturing dirt so it doesn't get all over your nice flooring), so you're probably better off with than without, and most people have them.  Even I have one...left over from the previous tenant (I didn't see the point of paying money for something equally ugly, but slightly newer to step on).  When I look at a doormat, I see a doormat.  I've never looked at my welcome mat as being an object of creative potential, but apparently it can be.  

I came across the above DIY from the blog Shine Design and had to share it.  You have to appreciate people that have that kind of eye - that see a boring thing, and then its underlying potential to be better.  The original post is in Norwegian, but her pics pretty much speak for themselves.  The mat is from Ikea, and the pattern is made by outlining using a bowl and some white pencil.  Genius, I say.

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