Wednesday, August 7, 2013


That last print spells unconscious. 

The top two prints are by Daniel Egneus and the bottom two are by Sprios Halaris.  I am not a follower of art; I don't know these men from Adam, but I dabble in the art of browsing.  In my second job as an online browser, I have discovered Arte Limited, which has a nice collection of art and photography that is a higher grade than, say...a lot of pieces on Etsy. There is also an option to show prices in US dollars, if you prefer.  

I picked these pieces out because I like watercolors, or just the texture of water in a print, the way colors can run together.  Always have.  I have a thing for softer images, free from hard lines.  I like the way watercolor can show texture (if you look at the top print) and an appreciation for the control it must have taken to create the orange pattern that is painted in a way to suggest that you are looking at fabric.  

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