Friday, January 4, 2013


I have no idea.  What I mean to share is why I am attempting (I will not say succeeding, because I don't post at all enough) to blog.  I was trying to explain how I cannot call myself a writer if I haven't written anything.  I have the personality, I have ideas - possibly even good ideas - but it doesn't count if I don't do anything with them and develop them.  Hence, this blog.  Based on the theory that the writing muscle is a muscle like any other, my daily posts should eventually build up my saggy self into a slightly more toned version, which will then attempt a novel.  

There are a lot of shopping, beauty, fashion, photography, and interior design blogs that I enjoy reading, which is how I know that I would not be able to improve on them in any way.  Hence, I will attempt to put here information that you would not find on more attractive blogs and whatever somewhat useful information I find along the way.   

As a final note, I used to really enjoy writing, before it became a source of anxiety.  It used to be source of solace.  If I worked at it, I could find that again, but like all things, it just takes a lot of work.  Happy 2013!

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