Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Cracked Cup from Jima
A while back I tried a DIY pendant lamp cover that was supposed to look like the Moooi Random light (If you follow the link, it should lead to a pic of a nude male model humping the light cover.  I'm not sure if I should be turned on, but it's an interesting way to promote a pendant lamp, no?)  My DIY did not work out quite like that one, and sadly, no model would want to have sex with it.  You can see it below. But then I looked at it again, and thought: I kind of like it. To be honest, what I actually said was not that eloquent and involved dropping an f-bomb, but I think imperfections are interesting. I really like looking at my shoes after I've worn them down, especially boots, because perfect, new products all look the same, but after they've lived a little, the scars and tears have a story to tell you.
The DIY version

Do you ever wonder at all the time you spending chasing perfection? Advertisements promote poreless skin, faces that are perfectly symmetrical, and models with beautiful proportions (humping lamps). I think this inherently creates dissatisfaction, because perfection is exhausting and almost impossible to achieve in your day to day life, that is, unless you chase it.  And where does that leave you?
This is part of a theme I'm gradually exploring. I'm not going to chat too much about buying things or making dramatic changes.  I'll share a mental restraint I use while shopping in another post. For now, though, I'm less about changing the way the way I dress than the way I think, and reorganizing my thoughts to match my priorities. Why? Underneath the clutter, I believe, you will find the things that really matter to you. Everything else is not all that important.   

If you want to make a study of this method of thought, there is a Japanese aesthetic called Wabi-sabi. Wabi-Sabi values beauty that is imperfect, impermanent and incomplete.

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